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Horizontal Triplex Power Pumps

Dawson Downie Lamont Horizontal Triplex Power Pumps are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with API 674 and the Hydraulic Institute Standards for high efficiency high pressure hydraulic duties to give trouble-free service with minimum maintenance. Both design and dependability have been proved in thousands of hours of arduous operation throughout the world.

Design Features

  • Forged or cast steel fluid ends to suit the pressure and fluid are available in various material options to ensure compatibility with the pumping medium.
  • Totally enclosed crank-case, with improved splash-gravity lubrication provides for continuous running with minimum attention. For severe service a forced feed system is fitted.
  • Heavy duty taper roller Main Bearings rated for continuous duty cycle at maximum design load.
  • Hardened wearing parts in specially selected metals, with anti-friction bearings and bushes, mean long life.
  • Light-weight Disc Valves for low NPSH availability. Special Abrasion Resistant Valves incorporating Polyurethane inserts for use on highly abrasive duty applications.
  • Suction and Discharge Flange Nozzles to customers preferred rating standard. Handling of flanges to suit customers piping layout.
  • Pumps can be run at any fixed speed below the maximum depending on displacement required and the power source which can be electric motor or I.C. engine through
    V-Rope, or gear drive.

Flow Rates up to 45 m3/hr. Pressures up to 400 bar.

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